A brief history and a little about us.

Covenant United Church of Christ is a fellowship of approximately 180 members. Many of us live in the Gasport/Town of Royalton area. Our beginnings go all the way back to the early Pilgrims of Massachusetts. When the Niagara Frontier opened up for settlement after the Revolutionary War with land grants to war veterans, our forbearers migrated from New England and settled in the small villages that dotted Western New York. Jamesport (Gasport) was one of them. Our beginning as a church, coinciding with the construction of the Erie Canal, still located several hundred feet north of our church, caused the area population and commerce to grow dramatically.

Through the years our church has merged with the neighboring Orangeport Christian Church and other churches to become the modern day Covenant United Church of Christ, but we still have a congregational heart, valuing our autonomy and our democratic church government.

We have begun an exciting time of revitalization. Our worship, mission and fellowship have experienced God’s renewing love. Our care and concern for each other is strong. We are enthused about our present and future. Join us on Sunday to get the full sense of what God is doing in our midst!